All we need is love. Without love, we are powerless and weak, vulnerable to greed and hate. When will everyone realize that we are all the same? We are all a part of an infinite and ever expanding consciousness that is life itself. Even in a world full of very different people, we will always be connected. It is important to recognize that every person you see is equally as human as you are. We are all imperfect beings and we should not judge others for their mistakes or flaws. All we need is love. Love brings happiness. Love brings comfort. Love brings us the motivation to love others. Love heals. All we need is love. Unconditional love. No matter how flawed a person is, every person is beautiful and crucial to the universe if even in the smallest way. We are all connected by an everlasting flow of energy and we must nurture our oneness as a species instead of separating due to a lack of understanding. Embrace imperfection and love unconditionally. Namaste :) The Moon

"Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life."

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Getting my new tattoo on Saturday :3 

 It’s gonna be a big mandala with the Om symbol in the center. I can’t expresss how fucking excited I am.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Acne

Overindulgence, Overexposure.

 Exploitation, Reiteration. 

 A world of greed exceeding our needs,

 Money is everything, can’t you see?

 Climbing a wall that leads to nowhere

 How much can this world bear?

 A cycle, endless, becomes the norm.

 Spinning in circles until we feel warm.

 An abyss, black and empty: 

 The place we call home. 

 A blind eye, a silent cry.

 Will we ever see the end?

 It seems we’re much too broken to mend. 

 A dedication to medication,  

 to depopulation and misinformation.

 They spread their evil across the land

 Creating illusions they’re lending a hand.

 They darken our water and cut down our trees

 They force feed us posion they made from their greed.

  For profit, for pleasure

  far beyond human measure.

 Our freedom is shallow,

 the illusion is thinning. 

 Our minds are growing 

 While corruption is grinning.

 Our eyes are open, 

 Our voices are loud.

 We are the future

 and we are the proud.

 Consciousness spreads like fire over water,

 The first act in a peaceful slaughter. 

 We will rise and we will fight,

 Not with our fists, but with our minds.


  Just a little thing I wrote out of nowhere at school today :)

neon0561 asked:
Acid or shrooms

Shrooms :3